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Olga International Study,

(OIS) is the first business and currently the only officially registered one in Canada, presented by Russian speaking representative in Toronto. The above company was established in 2004 and focuses on language and educational programs in Canada. Besides, the universities of Canada are well known by its high level of education and research programs. The diplomas of the Canadian universities are widely acknowledged along with the diplomas of leading universities of the US, Great Britain and Europe. And the cost of living and education in Canada are less expensive in comparison with the US and England.

Olga Logushova,

President of OIS, the Canadian Certified Specialist, has got a long time experience in the field of consulting and management. Moreover, our company is the official agent of one of the best Interdisciplinary University, York University, University of Toronto and GEOS Language Academy of Canada, that has schools around the world and has successfully proved itself working with the students from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. OIS is currently cooperating with a few businesses in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, which focus on educational programs overseas and have many clients, who are looking for secondary, postsecondary education and MBA in Canada. Nowadays all these countries are in need of high class specialists in the field of hotel business, finance, HR, international trade activities, telecommunication, network technologies, etc. As far as these new trends appeared comparatively recently, the latter is currently experiencing a deficit of qualified personnel to meet international standards. We offer short and long term programs to our clients, starting with the courses of the English language up to the completion of secondary, post secondary education and MBA. Thus working with such renowned university like York University, University of Toronto and one of the best Language Scholl, ILAC we could select and offer the most optimal education programs to potential clients and ensure the quality of education and best service.

Canadians can be reserved with newcomers but are generally very welcoming and respectful of differences. Our educational institutions encourage new students from abroad and many have targets to increase their numbers of iinternational students. One thing is for sure our time in Canada will be something that you will never forget!

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