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Great Canadian Partners!

Despite the cold winter in Canada, the place is amazing.

York University English Language University
YUELI is part of York University, the third largest university in Canada. York University has ten Faculties, ranging from liberal arts to professional schools in law, education, and business, to environmental studies, fine arts, and science. York is at the centre of innovation, with a thriving community of almost 60,000 faculty, staff and students who challenge the ordinary and deliver the unexpected. The entire university is known for its excellence in teaching, its ability to attract research funding, and for its ground-breaking programs.
Hansa Language Centre
Founded in 1969, Hansa Language Centre is one of the largest and most recognized language schools in Canada. Hansa offers a huge variety of ESL classes, a flexible schedule, and a long list of trips, excursions, sports and social activities. Students can study more than twenty different subjects at twelve levels, from absolute beginner with no English language skills to very advanced level classes that prepare students for TOEFL and IELTS exams. At Hansa, you are placed in classes perfect for your needs, but you can raise or lower your level or change subjects simply by discussing it with a student councillor.
International Language Academy of Canada
Over the last 10 years ILAC has benefited from a reputation of excellence and dedication to English education and university preparation in Canada. We are committed to you, the student, and we always strive to provide you with excellent education, homestay and overall hospitality. We continue to expand our education programs to help you achieve your future goals. Today, hundreds of our graduates have been accepted to Canadian universities and many more return home to be offered excellent international career opportunities
GEOS International Language
GEOS Language Academy – Toronto is located in the downtown core, so you are only minutes away from hundreds of attractions in this amazing “Mega-City”. Not only will you learn English, you will also be exposed to this city’s diverse cultural and ethnic mix. Toronto’s multiculturalism is most apparent when you visit the many pockets of the city boasting different neighborhoods: Chinatown, Little Italy, The Danforth (Greek Town), Korea Town and Little India..

Canadians can be reserved with newcomers but are generally very welcoming and respectful of differences. Our educational institutions encourage new students from abroad and many have targets to increase their numbers of iinternational students. One thing is for sure our time in Canada will be something that you will never forget!

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